Company Profile

The CVD lab grown diamond and diamond functional material project invested and constructed by Worldia Nice Nova Diamond Technology (Jiaxing) Co., Ltd. with a total investment of 330 million yuan. The project follows the mature CVD process technology of the parent company and introduces high-end CVD production equipment. The company plans to put into construction in three phases, and complete all project construction in December 2024. After it is fully completed and put into production, the annual output could reach 200,000 carats. At present, the company has completed the first phase of production and has used 100 CVD microwave equipment for the production of grown diamonds and diamond functional materials.

The Technology's R&D personnel of Worldia Nice Nova Diamond Technology (Jiaxing) Co.,Ltd. are mostly postgraduate and doctoral degree holders, and have many years of experience and technology in the production of single crystal and polycrystalline diamonds.

In the future, Nice Nova Technology will be committed to the production and manufacture of CVD lab-grown diamonds and functional materials, continuously improve product quality and technology, and provide better services to the customers.

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