How to Choose a Lab-grown Diamond?

Before buying a diamond, you must first understand the 4C standards of diamonds. The higher the 4C standards of diamonds, the better the quality and the higher the price.

The 4Cs include: weight, clarity, color and cut.

1. Weight

Carat Weight plays an important role in the 4Cs and can directly affect the value of a diamond. Diamonds are weighed in carat. 1 carat = 0.2 grams = 100 points. 0.5 carat is also known as 50 points. The value of a diamond shows an irregular geometric progression as the weight of the diamond increases.


2. Clarity

Clarity refers to the classification of the type, size and number of internal and external flaws in a diamond with a 10x magnifying glass in a professional environment, with FL being the best.

FL—IF: Magnifying glass cannot see flaws (collection level)

VVS1—VVS2: Very tiny inclusions under a magnifying glass, invisible to the naked eye

VS1—VS2: Tiny inclusions under a magnifying glass, invisible to the naked eye

SI1 -SI2: Flawed, with tiny inclusions visible to the naked eye

I1: Flawed, with visible inclusions

I2-I3: Flawed, with obvious inclusions visible to the naked eye


3. Color

The whiter the color of the diamond, the higher the price. D color is the best.

Class D: Completely colorless. The highest color grade, extremely rare!

Class E: Colorless. Only gemmologists can detect trace amounts of color. It's a very rare diamond

Class F: Colorless. Small amounts of color can only be detected by jewelry experts, but are still considered colorless. A high-quality diamond.

Grade G-H: Nearly colorless. Slight color when compared to higher color grade diamonds. But diamonds of this color grade still hold great value.

I-J grade: nearly colorless. Slight color can be detected. Higher value.

K-M grade: Dark color, poor fire.

N-Z grade: Darker in color and extremely poor in fire.

4. Cutting

For a rough diamond to become a dazzling diamond and make it dazzling, superb cutting skills are absolutely essential. EX is the best.

EX (Excellent) Extremely good cut

VG (Very good) Ideal cut

G (Good) Good cut

F (Fair) Fair cut

P (Poor) Poor cut




Every diamond is not flawless; 4C is a comprehensive consideration for diamonds, so we can buy the diamonds according to our own preferences within the given budget. For example,if we have more requirements on colors, we can choose a better color grade and adjust other parameter needs for the diamonds, or if we have more requirements on the size of diamond, we need to make concessions in color and clarity, etc.


When consumers choose cultivated diamonds, they can refer to the 4C parameters on the certificate to judge the quality of a diamond and measure the price. The mainstream certificates in the world today are the IGI certificate issued by the International Gemological Institute and the GIA certificate issued by the American Gemological Institute; domestic institutions also have NGTC (National Inspection) to provide cultivated diamond identification services.

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